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Viron Gas Heater



Viron's technology has been developed around a unique stainless

steel knitted mesh burner which fires downwards through multiple

layers of extruded finned tube through which the pool or spa water

passes. This unique burner utilises a fan which premixes gas and air

for perfect combustion, regardless of the installation or weather





Hurlcon_Viron_Gas_Heater_internal_diagram.jpgThe multiple layers of tubes (or heat exchanger) incorporate a unique bi metal

design of aluminium outer and fins and an internal of 316 stainless steel for

corrosion resistance to chemically treated pool and spa water.

The heat exchanger absorbs so much heat from the combustion process that

the flue gases condensate. This condensate is then collected and returned to

the swimming pool, via a patent pending process. The mildly acidic condensate also helps counter balance the

alkaline effects of most chlorines and salt chlorinators, reducing the need to add acid and balance your pool



Hurlcon_Viron_Gas_Heater_cross_section.jpgThe Genus IV electronic management system monitors pool and spa

water temperature, heat exchanger temperature, gas input and the

level of condensate produced all to provide the safest swimming pool

heater on the market.

Once your pool heater is within 1 degree of the desired (or set point)

temperature, the electronics turn down the firing rate of the heater to

exactly match the heat loss of your pool. This patent pending process

enables the Viron to achieve a remarkable efficiency of up to 97%


Hurlcon_Viron_Gas_Heater_control_panel.jpgIncreased energy efficiency means lower operating costs and reduced greenhouse

emissions. Viron significantly reduces CO2 emissions over both conventional gas

heaters and heat pumps. The condensation produced by the high energy efficiency

is collected and returned to the swimming pool, reducing water consumption and

helping to balance the pool or spa water pH.

The Genus Electronic Management system maintains exactly the desired temperature further reducing energy

consumption and creating the perfect environment for you to swim or enjoy a relaxing therapeutic spa.


Save Space and installation time.

In todays smaller backyards, space is at a premium. Viron's unique technology means the heater is only 30% - 50%

of the size of conventional gas heaters. Smaller footprint, lower clearances from nearby structures, and a lower

height enable Viron to be installed in places heaters could never before fit.