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Heat Pumps - Superseded Models

The models listed below are no longer available. Details on which current model closest matches are listed next to each. If you don’t see your pool heater listed here please contact us.


AstralPool BPM (no longer available)

  • These were available in 8.5, 13, 17, 21 & 25kW heating capacities.
  • 8.5, 13, 17 & 21 kW models were all single phase. 25kW model was three phase.
  • Had an LCD Control panel
  • Replacement Models:
    • BPA400 8.5kw Replace with AstralPool HP88 8.8kw Heat Pump
    • BPA600 13.5kw Replace with AstralPool HP126 12.6kw Heat Pump
    • BPA700 17kw Replace with AstralPool iHP170 17 kw Inverter Heat Pump
    • BPA800 21kw Replace with AstralPool iHP195 19.5kw Inverter Heat Pump
    • BPA900 25kw Replace with AstralPool iHP242 24.2kw Inverter Heat Pump


zodiac_power_heat_pump.jpgZodiac Power (No longer made as of end 2015)

  • These were available in 7 & 9kW heating capacities.
  • 7 & 9kW models are single phase
  • Came with LCD Control Panel
  • Zodiac Power 7 Replace with Z200 M3
  • Zodiac Power 9 Replace with Z200 M4


zodiac_powerfirst_heat_pump.jpgZodiac PowerFirst

  • These were available in 11,14 & 16kW heating capacities.
  • Single phase
  • Came with LCD Control Panel
  • Zodiac PowerFirst 11 replace with Z200 M5
  • Zodiac PowerFirst 14 replace with Z300 M7
  • Zodiac PowerFirst 16 replace with Z300 MD8