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Summer 2010/2011

Thu, 14 Oct 2010

We are anticipating a busy season comming up, the weather is warming up nicely and we are getting a lot of calls from unheated pool owners enquiring about heating systems. We can do accurate estimates over the phone if required, all we need is the pool size & some basic info on the pool surrounds & roof type. We also offer a free onsite inspection & quote service for new installations.


We are still getting calls from pool owners in the badly affected areas who have just found damage to the roof collector on their solar pool heating systems. The golf ball sized stones inflicted wide spread damage, in some cases even the corrugated roofing iron has suffered dents.

To date we have not had a single Techno Solis panel installation damaged from the hail. The hail stones severely damaged Solar Matting type collectors of all makes & types in the affected suburbs & a lot hat to be replaced. We have also surveyed damage to "individual tube type panels in these areas.

If you have not yet switched your winter mode function off on your solar pool heating system we strongly recommend a roof inspection be carried out before you do. We predict that there are still many solar pool heating systems with undetected damage from the March storm. If you wish to arrange an inspection please contact us.