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As well as new installations we also provide the following services. Please contact us to arrange an appointment or for information on pricing.


Maintenance & Repairs

Solar Pool Heating, Pool Blankets, Pool Equipment.  All Makes & Models, from general repair work to system leaks, storm damage or electrical. A quick chat over the phone first and we can usually diagnose your problem.  An estimated cost on the repair can then be provided based on the information provided.


Solar Collector Removal & Re-installation

Removal & re-installation of the solar pool heating collector. This service caters for our clients who wish to refurbish the roof of the house & require the solar pool heating collector to be removed.


Solar Pool Heating Collector Re-location

Solar electric or PV panels are becoming very popular in Western Australia. Often the existing solar pool heating system may require to be moved to cater for the new electric solar panels. We can provide advice on suitability of moving your old system & possible new locations for the re-location.


System inspection & Condition Report

Solar Pool Heating, Pool Equipment. All Makes & Models. Ideal for your own piece of mind or the potential home buyer or seller. We can provide a comprehensive report on the condition of all heating, filtration, pumping and chlorination equipment.


Insurance Work

Storm damage or electrical damage; please contact us for further details.

Modifications & Upgrades

We are more than happy to discuss any requirements you may have. An onsite visit may be required, from there we will be able to report on the operation of your existing system and provide suggestions for potential upgrades. This may involve full automation and integration of the heating & filtration equipment or simple upgrades to the heating system.

Annual Servicing

Solar Pool Heating, Pool Equipment. All makes and models. This incorporates a System Inspection & Condition Report, this is best scheduled in for the winter months when we are quieter, contact us for further details.